Saturday, 28 February 2009

Stuffing Sundays!

Yesterday, a huge delivery of stuffing arrived for my door stops and little animals and people for my baby mobiles! My goodness, I think I overestimated how much stuffing I would need. Harry was quite alarmed at how it had engulfed his bed!!! Tommorrow will be full of putting it in the attic (the house should be well insulated) and stuffing all the poor door stops that had been waiting to be inflated for a while! They should be listed very soon on and

Today I have had a lovely day off crafting and instead...........visited some lovely crafty and interior shops with my friend! Back to the needle and thread tommorrow and some garden time for Bumble and Cosmos who are dying to dig up my newly emerged bulbs!! Cosmos is also going through a phase of playing football with the poor tatties that are trying to chit in my spare room!!! Will try and get a piccie! For now, here is a photo of him helping to write this blog!
Love Sarah x

Thursday, 26 February 2009

First day of blogging

So here goes....welcome to Bumble and Cosmos, not only I am new to making and selling crafts, blogging is a whole new concept to me! Its made even harder when you have a Bumble shaped kitten sitting on your knee and a Harry shaped cat trying to sit on the computer keys!

Anyhow...hurrah! My first blog has hopefully worked and hopefully you found it. This blog will track the progress of Bumble and Cosmos, my online craft business (currently only weeks old!). Why is it called Bumble and Cosmos, its named after two little kittens I rescued. Bumble is at the front of the photo and Cosmos at the back aged three weeks! I will post new photos all the time along with my craft progress!!! They are now 20 weeks so look out for new photos soon!
Right now, I have to go fill three russian dolls and one owl door stop with stuffing!!!

Will be back soon,

Love Sarah, Bumble and Cosmos x